About Me

I like to ask questions and search for meaningful answers through the process of making art. This helps me explore a possible visual language for expressing what I discover.

My process is like a way of being. It is as much subtractive as it is additive. This is why I like cold wax and oil as well as mixed media. It is as important to dig through the layers revealing what's hidden underneath as it is to add more to cover the past. I find it is a metaphor for life. 

Another influence in my art making is my belief that life is about choices. However, since life is a complex system one can never know all the possibilities which affect even the well thought out intentions. Mathematicians call this the "Uncertainty Principle".

Both cold wax and mixed media bring intent and uncertainty into play. Even though I begin a painting with intention I also discover that the medium leads me to surprising results. There is an interplay of the known and the unknown which is exciting as well as challenging.

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